French home accessories have become very fashionable

fashion came in French means used. For some people it can could be a Parisian antique accessories and works of art, while others are bold murals of the famous icons, or a mini-Eiffel Tower is a garden. Whatever are your personal preferences, related accessories from the romantic part of the world something special to your home.

Metal is an important element of French decor, especially iron. Structure and color can give each room a unique look and feel. increase For example, forged a curtain rod in your living room. To add elegance and charm to the bathroom, put the iron shelves. Rich colors of iron is something that today is not made of metal.

decorations are in France, the major and wallpaper before everything. Do not think that this idea has become outdated, since the wallpaper makes a great comeback. However, it should be used sparingly to refined elegance. Too much wallpaper is intrusive and invasive.

The kitchen and dining area, intricately designed cookware is a must. To really fashionable, these proposals should also look antiquated. Floral motifs ranks very high. Clay is a great feature in the kitchen and it is also practical. You can use the French pottery for storage and at the same time, rural rustic flavor to your kitchen.

When it comes to the walls can be decorated with frescoes, as already said, and baroque paintings of famous French characters. Bedrooms should be of femininity and elegance with the main colors are white, beige and cream. Fill out the decor, style poster bed give a veil or curtain. For a modern look, with black frame cabin.

For other areas of the house with paint and other modifications. For example, a rustic stone in the background caused Distressed white wood country style living. To create an urban look, brown for sophisticated gray, blue or coffee to go with cream accent. Large dining room overlooking the ornate gold-leafed wallpaper size.

To create a Parisian living room, you should have a fireplace and French doors opening to a natural terrace overlooking the lush gardens. Place bistro tables on the terrace or in the kitchen to create a cozy nook. If your house is not conducive to this, the simple kitchen window boxes with herbs and lavender look quaint and very French filled.

In terms of furniture, a few bold pieces, typical of French style. Some examples are tables and tables with carved legs and thin objects made of solid wood with distressed and shabby-looking surface. Accessorize with items like a large colorful rooster standing on a pillow.

selection of home accessories, French is easy. It all depends on the style you spend looking for the size of your home and what you do. Finally, some experts say that if you look to the old traditional French go, they want to use the whole house. The same applies if you want to create a contemporary French ambiance.

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