Modern living room design : Easy Updates for Your Living Room

Today’s episode tips and tricks! So, here is easy tricks to update your living room. Okay let’s be honest as normal human beings we get bored easily. We get sick when things get redundant and there’s nothing new around the corner be it music, video games, work and even relationships. Ugh! yikes. This also happens to homes, especially living rooms since it’s the first thing we see when we enter our houses. Sooner than later, it no longer has the luster we want it to. Fortunately, there are a few small changes that we can do to refresh your living room without spending on new furniture or new wall paint.

Let’s get started! The first easiest thing you can do to update your living room is to change your pillowcases or add some throw pillows. These accents are the first thing that guests notice and throw pillows give off the personality of the living room. If you have monochrome pillows like these, go for the total opposite play with different patterns and also different textures like this fuzzy one.

Just like this one. Next is to add more botanicals. One thing I noticed about us Filipinos is we tend to put our plants all outside of the house. We just place them all out in the garden which is a mistake. Put some life literally and figuratively inside your homes with plants. If you don’t have the time to take care of them, there are artificial plants available at Mandaue Foam. Greenery is one of the few decors that can work with any aesthetic! but we can still make it better, one of the fastest ways to transform a room is to either add or change the rug. Rugs bring the whole living room together. As you can see the throw pillows are already patterned and if the rug is also patterned, it’s just overwhelming. There’s warmth already in living room so what is just needed now is definition.

Hi! Can we change the rug? Oh, wow! Thank you, now this puts the room together. But the center table. It’s so boring. And the center table is well the centerpiece of your living room. Updating your center table by adding new and decor will refresh its look. Nice, nice. But I want everything to change! And I mean everything! So, let’s rearrange! By rearranging the living room it completely transforms the look and the feels. Don’t forget the “3 foot rule.” You should have about 3 feet of walking space around the room. This will prevent bumping or knocking into furniture. Also don’t put your furniture up against the wall. Give it at least 12 inches of distance from the wall. It will make the space cozy and inviting.

Okay now we have a whole new look, next we have to add or change some wall decor or shelves. As for this one, it doesn’t really match the whole vibe of the room anymore. So let’s bring in a new piece. I love it! hmm… What’s missing now is a new scent. Did you know that scent is closely associated with memory. Smells evoke particular memories and by placing a particular scent in your place, guests can remember your place when they smell it somewhere else. It will bring them back to your lovely homes. And that’s it! We are done. Aren’t they really easy to do but give a big impact on your living room already? .

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